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I sometimes feel like academia is not for me.I dont know since when i have started feeling this way, who triggered these thougths in me or worse who is responsible for the way i feel about studies these days, wait I guess i do .It's me. Ever since i was around 13 years of age I have had this obsession for beautiful looking things.I'd collect pictures that drew my eyes -photographs from magazines, chiefly Readers Digest and daily newspapers. I have always liked the idea of scrapbooking and anything captured by a camera.
                 I have no idea how i would be able to make a career out of photography with parents like mine who only emphasize on my deriving happiness and career out of general academics like most parents do. Its just that its pathetic that I am not strong enough to pick one of my many hobbies that i have inculcated over the years as my potential career and work towards it.                  Why is it that I cant be everything I wanna be? Why…

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